Gray Neuropsychology Associates, P.C.
Evaluations of Complex Youth

Many of Dr. Gray's clientele present with multiple diagnoses, as well as a mind-boggling array of symptoms. Short of institutionalization or youth detention, these troubled youngsters have already seemingly been through every therapy, technique, and medication known to humankind. Such complex youngsters are not only welcomed by Dr. Gray, but he derives huge personal satisfaction from helping them and their exhausted parents. As such, a thorough Neuropsychologic (NP) Evaluation is the answer---by way of once and for all identifying the underlying root causes of why a particular child is in crash-and-burn mode. Then, once the underlying root cause(s) are flushed out, we finally know exactly what to attack. Think of the NP evaluation as the initial step of a search and destroy mission from God.

Left - A visual metaphor relating to the process of an NP evaluation being able to expose the various refuse (underlying root causes) keeping a youth on a self-destructive path.

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