Gray Neuropsychology Associates, P.C.
Adoptive Youth

Approximately 75% of the complex children and teens seen by Dr. Gray are adopted and/or have a history of early maltreatment. Having actively worked with this population of youth and their adoptive parents since 1992, Dr. Gray feels a special calling to these unique and challenging young persons. As such, maltreated children and their adoptive families constitute one of his specialty areas. Dr. Gray is a Registered Clinician of the Association for Treatment & Training in the Attachment of Children, or ATTACh (

Left - Complex special needs adoptive youth can be maddening to parents. Often, Mom and Dad receive all sorts of well-meaning (and often conflicting) advice on what to do to help these kiddoes. As such, a plan of action can take on a frustrating sense of : "Which way is Greenland?!" Dr. Gray can set up a well-conceived road map for a struggling child or teen.

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